You are everything to me
You drowned out the darkness so I can see
You are all the stars above
And there's no question about it, You are love
-You make a sunny day, and
-You wash all my blues away

You make my head go round and round
You set my feet on solid ground
You strum my soul with perfect sound
You're inner wound

You are all my eyes can see
And that's exactly the way it's supposed to be
You are such a narrow path
And it is written, You're the only way back
-You touch the deepest part
-You can soften the hardest heart

(chorus)...You're inner wound my soul, engraved on my heart

You are everything to me
You show me the way to go, You are the key
You, the only truth in sight
You're all that's left of hope in the darkest night
-You make a sunny day
-You wash all my tears away


You are everything to me.....

rusty miller