Yes I'm Alive

Yes, Yes
Life goes on
whether your happy or sad
rich or poor
it don't matter anymore
That's just life
what else can you do
the way you feel is up to you
Sorrow or gladness it's your choice
you make the decisions with your inner voice
The great thing is you can learn from both
Take it in feel the vibe
I won't numb the pain
I want to see the signs
If there really is any
You never know
what's gonna get thrown your way
and you can never really be ready
Preparation is so vain
Keep an open mind
and roll with the punches
Right jab Left hook
and a flurry of blues
but I'm not ready to throw in the towel
That gut wrenching pain makes me want to quit
but my spirit won't let me
YES I'm Alive!