Waiting So Long

Man don't even talk to me,
I never liked your history, and you know it
Every time you feel the need to speak,
I'm forced to watch your lips bleed,
I can't take it
Then you try to tell me that I got you wrong
Don't forget who built the road that your traveling on

All I sacrificed for you,
gave my blood my soul for you, and you blew it
Now you've got to find a place,
Where you can go and hide your face, just do it
Preacher tries to tell you that you still got time
But his church is dying, Yea! It's rotting from inside

I've been waiting, I've been waiting so long (x2)

Come on now don't play with me,
I'm the one who set you free, don't forget it
There's a long black train that follows you,
It's in your past your future too, you can't escape it
That rumor of light just beyond the door
Is a matter of faith just as it was before

I've been waiting, I've been waiting so long (x2)

You know I've got a deal for you,
Now it's the last thing that I'll do, just take it
Forget everything you thought you knew,
Get naked now and tell the truth, don't fake it
The hour is late you've got one last move
The choice is yours be careful what you choose

I've been waiting, I've been waiting so long

-rusty miller & will webb