Today Is All That I Have

Today is all that I have and all I have to offer you is me
The sound of the whistle blowing is the last train redeemer
O' spirit of the endless sky your like a sweet mountain breeze
No one gives us tomorrow it's your own hearts delight
How am I gonna get down to the whereabouts unknown
Grapes on the vine hand me an invitation to the blues
Time will tell the best of times for sure no doubt in my mind
Seasons of the hollow soul cry to me and I hear the wind moan
Little birds one for every moment at the edge of eternity
My God called me this morning saying get up go forth live
I can tell you anything wishing you well a hope of peace
This is my last goodbye softly and tenderly an hour of prayer
Improvising amazing grace as the clouds drift through thin air
I'm on a roll in a trance living proof half way there
It's time to laugh make a joke sing a song get rhythm
I never knew what hit me it took me by a big surprise
Please don't turn away from me or I might turn to stone
Take me like an angel watch the world go by the seaside
Miracle bubbles with a wand that spreads good cheer and joy
Latersville fools pair a dice happy little terrapin one short life
The jagged door opens the falcon flies on in it's a zoo out there
Today is all that I have and all I have to offer you is me