The Tree

Met a girl back in the summer of '79
She was the one that I thought I never would find
The kinda woman who would always be by my side
So I could hold her and love her till the end of time
And cherish every moment we live
And follow our brand new dreams
And grow together day by day
And maybe start a family

Now were closer then I ever thought we could be
And guess what? We started that family
Two fine sons and a future that grows like the tree
Healthy branches and the trunk is you and me
We cherish every moment we have
And never play those little schemes
And always try to work things out
No matter how big the problem seems

Now the tree is growing bigger
Yes it's stretching for the sky
And you and I are learning
All the reasons why

And now the days pass quickly but we still hold the love
For each other and the children sent from above
And this worlds full of hate but we don't let it in
Cause with the Lord and each other we know were gonna win
We cherish all the days of our life
And hold on through the night
In the morning when the sun comes up
We look into each others eyes


Met a girl back in the summer of '79

rusty miller
june 4th