The Racing Song

You gotta be quick, you gotta be fast
You gotta know when to step on the gas
But you gotta know when to shut it down
Coming into turn one
It's a dirt track oval on a Saturday night
Pitching it sideways, gettin' it right
Flying down the backstretch, cuttin' it loose
Give it a little more juice
You gotta hold on steady, get a good grip
Even though you're buckled in a tight cockpit
You never know when somebody's gonna slip
Coming out of turn four
Well it's a bump, push, spinout, double back flip
If you get to close and the tires hit
Redline, engine takes a shit, broken down again
Well, the pit crew says, "what the hell", we'll check the oil
Slap on a tire or two, give you some fuel
And then you get back out there and win this damn race
So you put the peddle to the metal and you let it rip
It's a blue light special, the grand stands lit
So are the speedway fans, they've been drinkin' beer
And cheerin' their favorite driver on
And then's the checkerd flag
The race is all over, it's the victory lap
Man, it seemed like it went by sooooo fast
I guess that's why they call it racing
But I know one thing
They get to kiss that trophy girl
If they win that is!

rusty miller
inspired by race car drivers, Richard & Aaron Miller