The Pouring Rain

You've been walking through the pouring rain
Hoping it'll wash away the heartach and pain
Of a love that was supposed to last forever
You try to understand the reason why
Is it the rain or the tears from your eyes
You're so confused and you just can't see it clear

You can't believe it's true, this can't be happening
There's nothing you can do, it's just a real bad dream

Then you wake up in the pouring rain and you can't feel anything
It's a crying shame when broken hearts are left with so much pain
The pouring rain will bring a change over you
You'll never be the same when you wake up in the pouring rain

The clouds collide and there's a flash of light
Then the thunder cracks and rips through the sky
And it shakes your soul and you wonder if you're gonna survive
The rain continues to fall and you moan
You're cold and wet and soaked to the bone
And you pray to God to take this never ending storm away

You pay a bitter price, you are the sacrifice
You know it's just not fair, living this nightmare


rusty miller
janurary 4th