The Chosen One

He was the chosen one, layin' down lyrics like the setting sun
Master of words and melody, blowin' his harp like the wind
He would send a message, strummin' his guitar, singin' his song
Touching our souls and then traveling on, like a rolling stone
He was the chosen one, playin' it smooth like a rhapsody
Dodging lions and mighty kings

He was the chosen one, doin' his folk rock rhythm and blues
A ballad, a gospel or a country tune, we'd be lost if not for you
Telling it just like it is, tangling visions with a simple twist
Vivid paintings of poetry, so intense and profound
He was the chosen one, chosen and made by the hand of God
Chimes of freedom and changing times

He was the chosen one, dreaming of peace and knowing all along
Life is no joke and killing is wrong, there's blood on the tracks again
Crying out for hatred to end, war and prejudice is the only sin
Benevolence and brotherhood is where you begin to cure the malice within
He was the chosen one, positively a sacred son
A burning candle on a cold red night

He was the chosen one, a clean cut kid, forever young
Born in time, three angels sung such a sweet lullaby
A shooting star falling from the sky fell to earth at the foot of pride
Then a thin man appeared and opened our eyes to an evil political world
He was the chosen one, there upon the tower he watched
The hurricane of inhumanity

He was the chosen one, a jack of hearts on his own searchin' for love
Rolling down Highway 61, he let the white dove sail, took us for a ride
on his magic swirling ship, it was unbelievable, oh mercy, what a trip
Down in the flood to desolation row, then he was knockin' on heaven's door
He was the chosen one, absolutely the only one
With a voice like a bell ringing loud and clear

He was the chosen one, weaving tapestries of rhyme and rainbow puns
With a head full of ideas and his crimson flame, he sat so patiently
He wasn't selling any alibies, so if you don't understand, don't critizize
There's no reason to judge, just do your thing and you'll be king and maybe lend a helping hand
He was the chosen one, an engineer on the mainline run
He said, "don't follow leaders and watch the parking meters"

He was the chosen one, watching the river flow out to the sea
Seeking shelter from the storm and ancient history and the desease of conceit
Come all without, come all within, there's nothing like the prolific Zim
Brave and true and his guard stands hard, he has no secrets to conceal
He was the chosen one, a rooster crowing at the break of dawn
A minstrel boy from the good old golden days

He was the chosen one, so happy just to be alive, we can have some fun
In the jingle jangle morning on the darkside of the road, playin' music throughout the land
Let's stick together, the chance won't come again, love and peace is the answer my friend
Off in the distance you can hear a symphony, if you have ears to listen
He was the chosen one, everybody knows it's all been said and done

Is it really any wonder, once upon a time
A dancing child was born and he had wings to fly
The moral of the story and the moral of the song
Is one should never be, where one does not belong
He was the chosen one......

rusty miller