The Big Moon Shines

Above Mt. Shasta a big fat full moon
Tells me love will be coming soon
Coyotes howl late at night
And the big moon shines
That sweet dim lovesick lovelight
Is ever so gentle on my mind
And I love people who are kind
My hearts off the ground two feet
Because I'm doing push ups have a seat
Dance upon this earth skim across the ocean
It's that movement we need, O' that sweet tender motion
Drifting, standing still, blue lonesome wind
I hear the howling of the main street moan again
O' playin' music on the rock on sunset road
It's just a song for you far away to lighten the load
The other side of the hill is just over the fence
So open up the gate of horn and make a little sense
It's picture perfect the way you look at me
I want to take you higher so we can really see
Friend, uncle, sugaree sugar magnolia ripple in my eye
All those years melt into one and I think I'm gonna cry
Broken branches, silver & gold, drowning man I've been told
Chariots, hunger, skin, stop talking it's a different train
Oh look there goes another angel taking away the pain

-rusty miller