Sweet Dari

Sweet Dari was her name
Playin' it easy was her game
She could dance, she could act
She could talk, she could sing
She could do just about anything

Sweet Dari she's so fine
She is a very good friend of mine
I love her dearly and I always will
I can't help it, it's just the way I feel

About that sweet woman who touched my soul
And took me in when I was cold
And warmed my heart when I was down
And brought me back around

Sweet Dari was true blue
Takin' it easy wasn't easy to do
She had to work, she had to fight
She had to raise a kid, you know
It's pretty amazing all the things she did

Sweet Dari O' she's feeling good
She's doing everything she knows she should
She can teach, she can dream
She can hope, she can pray
She can laugh about yesterday

rusty miller
february 7th