Sweet Country Air

Well I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eatin' crackers
And I wouldn't ever tell her what to do
She's like a yellow rose in the summer
Reaching for a sky that's O' so blue

Well I'd never throw a rope around her shoulders
'Cause I'd never ever want to tie her down
That woman she's as brilliant as a rainbow
Spreading those bright colors all around

And I love her 'cause she doesn't sweat the small stuff
And she knows exactly what she wants from life
A loving man to walk right beside her
And sweet country air to breathe at night
Sweet country air to breathe at night
Sweet country air and the moon up above
Sweet country air and tender love

Well I wouldn't ever try to sneak one past her
And I'd never be unfaithful or unkind
'Cause I know she's the angel God delivered
O' she's my darlin' Clementine


rusty miller & victoria webb
december 29th