Suns Up

Suns up it's gonna be alright
World survives here comes the light
Yesterdays and use to be's
Mean so very much to me
Love me tender love me true
Maybe then I won't be blue
I've learned how to fall
I heard a voice call
Everything old is new again
Cause I no longer believe in sin
One more river to cross
Rollin' and tumblin' I'm the boss
The land of a thousand dances
Has put me in a million trances
My heart still burns with fire
Love and peace are my desire
Angels of the moon sooth my soul
Spirits of the earth make me whole
Diamonds in the sky used to be coal
Weeds from the heavens load me a bowl
Take me out to the ballgame
Dodger dogs, beer and the Hall of Fame
Everything's comin' up roses my friend
Here comes that peaceful easy feeling again
I'm a wild man from down Texas way
With alot of words but not much to say
I just wanna be happy with a girl that's hip
and let the ocean waves give me the slip