1999 is Through!
A Chance to Live
After All This Time
A Letter Just Isn't Enough
A Little Lad
A Little Love
A Matter of Time
And I Still Do
And Then I Cry
Anymore Blues
Artificial Highs
Back In The Day
Better to Dance
Better Way
Big Mark On Me
Big Red Kitty
Born To Be Blue
Cold Cold World
Crimson and Violet
Days Gone By
Doin' It Right
Don't Forget About Love
Earthly Spirit
Fare Thee Well
Far From Home
Feelin' Kinda Blue
Five Minutes Later
Five Minutes Till Midnight
Ghost of Hate
Give It Up
Grace of God
Help Me Through Another Day
He Still Loves Her
Highway of Life
Holding On

Hold Me Now
Hold Your Heart
Holy Holy
Hope You Feel Fine
Humble Yourself
I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry
I Got a Girl
I Love My Sweet Woman
I'm Talking 'Bout Love
In God's Own Time
In Tennessee
In The End
I Still Love You So
It Happened Long Ago
It Won't Go Away
I've Been Told of Love
I Wanna Cry
Jesus Can
Just A Memory
Just One More Day
King of Tiny Town
Last Prayer Lament
Leave This Little Town
Lightning In The Sky
Lonely Nights
Long Hard Climb
Looking Forward
Losing Time
Love Conquers All

Love Flies
Mellow in Helena
Morning Sun
Mother Nature's Way
Mountain Thyme
My Momma Was Right
Next To Me
Nothin' Better
Oh California
Once in a Dream
Radiation Screen
Rhythm Changes
River of Life
Rock and Roll Family
Seeds Of Change
See It Through

She Love Me
Singing Songs From Yesteryear
Singing the Blues
So Far Gone
So Free
So Happy I'm Blue
Sweet Country Air
Sweet Dari
Sweet Inspiration
Sweet Little Rock And Roller
Take Me Back
Teardrops Fallin' on the Ground
Tears of Joy
Tell Me All About It
That Old Train
That's How the Story Goes
The Answer is Love
The Chosen One
The Day You Said Goodbye
The Heavens Above

The Love You Gave To Me
The Pouring Rain
The Racing Song
There Goes Another One
These Dreams
The Thought of Killing
The Time is Now
The Tree
This Old Heart
Till The Day We Die
Tough Old Man
Train Of Destruction
Trying To Make Love Grow
Waiting in Vain
Waiting So Long
Was It Easy Letting Go?
What's The Plan?
When Love Comes Through The Skies
Where is Your Heart?
Why Must We Keep On Killin'
Will You Love Me Forever?
Without You
Your Love
Yours Truly, Love Dad