Sittin' in the Nile..........somewhere in Egypt
Bathin' my worried bones
Red clay sandwich chokes my throat
Wonder what those red, white and blue boys are gonna do
Chemical apocalypse....biologic anthrax
Madman to the North
Political agendas all about me
Feel like I could get a SCUD up my ass any time
Wadin' down a tributary.........somewhere in Yucatan
Mosquitos bitin' at my balls
Take a swig of Dr. Pepper
Makes me feel like a capitalist
Don't know what Clinton's thinkin'
But the Chiapas rebels cut my brothers head off yesterday
Tell me there's a God, don't preach to me religion
I've got a pregnant wife to
Divin' for mussels...............somewhere in Somosomo straights
Tiger Shark got my left hand last year
But we got the catch to market
And it was good
Little baby got milk and medicine
My son wants to be a
Herdin' my flock..................somewhere up an Alpine draw
Stupid ass goats always follow the "bell-cow"
Maybe the cheese will bring a better price this year
Frost bite still numbs my ring finger
You know, the one next to the dead, black pinky
Hope they don't ban cigarettes at the Hofbrau
It's my one great pleasure
And a cheap high with the
Sittin' in a salon............somewhere in Beverly Hills
Hope this asshole doesn't fuck up my nail job
Wait a minute......where's the damn cell phone
Gotta change my appointment
That analyst is sharp as a tack
After 15 years I'm finally beginning to understand self-empowerment
So my mother didn't reeeeeeelly love me and my classmates were rude
Oh shit, gotta finish that policy speech
Hey man lets kick Saddam's ass
Hurry up jag off
I'll be late for the wine fest!!!!!!!!

-bill kahl