Slippin'Into Daylight Talkin' Bout'The Last Time
Slender Is The New Horizon I'm Thinkin'That I'm Almost Done
Is There Any Reason Left To Reason Or Have All The Bullshiters Won The Game
Or Is It Really A Game At All Thank Jah Love For Step Dads
And I Love To Love Just To Love What Else Is There But To Give Forth Love
Why Are People Being So Mean Just Like Robert Hunter Said
Ain't No Time To Hate Barely Time To Wait
Clouds Shoot Wind And Rain Across The Blue And Grey
And Here Comes Shiny Black And There Goes Orange Spice
Why Is My Day So Long Over Here On The Lonely Side Of Town
Syncromatic Saturday Night Go Go The Jetsons Were A Very Cool Family
Time Sure Flies When You're Having Fun Coffee,Tea,Wine,Beer,Herb-OH!-Delics
All Tied Up With Diamonds In My Eyes I Think I Saw Kerouac's Last Dream
And Pretty Boy Floyd Was Singing About Woody Guthrie
Sure Enough I Saw Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
It Feels Good To Go Through The Mean Mama Blues
We Had To Take A Detour Down The Canyon Road
I Need A Second Chance To Ride That Stallion
The Soul Chief Had Three Incredible Sisters
And Each Of Them Were Very Good At Doing Something
The Ribbon Of Darkness Is But A Sliver
I'm Whispering Now Cause The Loudness Is Overwhelming
My Baby's Just Like Money Spent And Borrowed
Only My Heart, Nose, What My Arms Will Hold
I Bought Some Red Wooded Beads At The Azalea Festival
Piles Of Dead Leaves Were In Front Of My House, Last Fall
July 6th I Will Open My Inner And Outer Windows
I Became Alone When I Realized No One Was With Me
Poor Little Fish Dying On The Vine In Monterey
The Man Who Loved Life Had A Little Peace Of Humble Pie
Think About It, It's Up To You Confusionville By And By
Tying Things Together On This Lucky Amorous Day
Bone To Bone We Have Come Along Way
Sailing Down The Hudson On An April Day In Spring
When The Shore Is Out Of Sight Turn On Your Head Light
Daddy Had A Buick And That Son-Of-A-Bitch Could Haul Ass
The Amarillo Highway Tastes Like Honey Bees In Clover
Paint The Town Beige So I Can Take My Rest And Dream
My Crazy Cowboy Dream Of Swimming In Shasta Lake With A Hard On
The Raven And The Coyote Are Very Good Friends Of Mine
Let's Have A Barbecue And Get Away From This Dreadful Selfish Crime
And I'll See Ya Real Soon On The Sunny Side Of Street