Behind the eight ball again
Where did you get that love?
Rockin' on the cat's tail
Destiny rides the breeze above

The time went sailing by
The lone wolf and the whistlin' moon
Pen across the page a grand bouquet
Silver tears will be flowin' soon

Check up from the neck up
The rest will take care of itself
Rise above the wreckage
Take your heart from off the shelf

Spark on the horizon
The wasted times of Tanqueray
If you were a poet
Here comes Independance Day

Pink roses make me miss you
That's my biggest fault
Rhapsody in violet
Wizard's dust witches salt

Footprints on the landscape
Three day eternity
A bad year for tornados
High and dry in my dreams

The man with the plan went away
Moaning on the midnight train
If you were a bluebird
Would you sing of pain

The man who loved life
Wondered when it all would end
Slippin' into la la land
just like a snake shed the skin