River of Life

In a little while He'll be coming back for us
Anyone who knows the Lord, knows He never breaks promises
It's impossible to comprehend what He has in store
But He's given us a little taste and I want to know Him more and more

As each day goes by, His love lifts me high
When I come to Him, the river flows in, the river flows in

He's coming back quickly, so don't you wait to long
You know He just might return before the end of this song
So seek Him and see the love that He has for you
He's waiting so patiently, He understands what you're going through

As each day goes by, He'll lift you high
When you come to Him, the river flows in
The River of Life, The River of Life............

Lord Jesus, teach us to pray
Help us to get on our knees everyday

In a little while from now He'll be wiping tears from our eyes
No more sadness, no more fears, finally home with the Most High
He'll take us in His arms and hold us close to Him
Welcome home my children, now it's time to begin
A brand new life 'cause you sacrificed
Your life for what's true, now I give to you
The River of Life.......

november 1983
rusty miller