Looking Forward

Don't cha know that time keeps on changing
Everyday is different than the day before
Taking life for all that it offers
Peace of mind like the ocean shore

And I'm feelin' all right and I'm doin' O.K.
Looking forward to another day
And I'm doin' O.K. and I'm feelin' all right
Looking forward to another night

In the east the sun will be rising
Taking stars from the night before
Another day to make worth the while
Spread your wings now it's time to soar

Only yesterday the clouds were grey
Making things so heavy on my shoulder
Then it started to rain and that eased the pain
I'm a little bit wiser but a little bit older, older, older
I'm growing older

Thinkin' back on all of the good times
Making sure they don't slip away
Moving into the future
Looks all clear for another day


rusty miller