Lightning In The Sky
(Rusty Miller 10-14-06)

Lightning in the sky and it's really comin' down
On the greed and corruption in this crazy evil town
It's the bad side of man, the work of a thousand clowns
It's the way of the world with a grin and a wicked frown

Look at all the lies, deliberated fraud
And the wars keep raging in the name of God
Swindlers of dishonesty brings another bloody day
All our sweet young children are the ones that have to pay

It's a hazy shade of blue and a crimson red
What're gonna do 'bout the things you said
Ain't no goin' back and I don't wanna be your friend
If I told you once, I told you time and time again

Lightning in the sky, thunder in the clouds
Can you hear a mighty whisper, tribulation all around
I see seven horses coming, coming up around the bend
With a seven pale riders and seven of the deadliest sins

Lightning in the sky and a steady pouring rain
And you never did nothin', you ought to be ashamed
Cause you just don't care about anybody but yourself
So many people dying and their calling out to you for help

You claim to hear the voice of the heavenly Son
Are you really sure it's Jesus, could it be the fallen one
Ya know you just keep talkin' and the water keeps climbing high
No matter what you say, ya know, you're never gonna get it right

Now the clock keeps ticking, don't ya give me no jive
You still try to tell me you're a brother of mine
Well I just don't see how that could ever be
It's just the beginning of the end and nothin' comes for free

Lightning in the sky, it's a sad and mournful sound
There's a billion souls a crying, can't you feel their hearts a pound
Praying for deliverance from the pain and all the suffering
Is there anybody out there, is there anybody listening?

Copyright RAMJAMUSIC 2006