Last Prayer Lament

It's getting late, it's almost over, as darkness falls, upon the land
We've lost all conscience and understanding, morality has been banned

Where is the love for your brother, the gentle touch within your soul
The easy spirit and soothing kindness, has dignity all been sold?

There is a road not often traveled where peace of mind leads the way
Sweet consolation is in your thinking, tranquility, a brand new day

A tender prayer for deep compassion and forgiveness beyond compare
True devotion in common waters, waves of joy to fill the air

Fare thee well O' constant sorrow, say goodbye to thoughts unkind
Delightful dreams of hope and virtue, freedom's flame goodwill so fine

Inspiration, inlightned pleasure, benevolence to guide the heart
A new direction for the taking, it's not the end but it's a start

Awakening, the suns arising, dawns shining bright across the land
A higher power has been discovered, morality must take a stand

Morality must take a stand...

Rusty Miller