I Wanna Cry

Sometimes it's so hard
Sometimes I can't seem to find my way through the dark
They hit me like a ton of bricks, left me standing without a clue
But I guess I'm gonna be alright, thank God I still have you

I don't understand why people have to be so cruel
You give 'em all ya got and then they treat you like a fool
Well I'm sick and tired of being underpaid
And working my hands to the bone
And not reaping the rewards of the seeds I've sown

And then the sun goes down behind the hill
And the pain will not subside
And I have to laugh 'cause I wanna cry

Sometimes it's so sad
People that you trust stab you in the back
I thought they really cared but it was just one great big scam
You money hungry fools who do you think I am?


rusty miller
february 22nd