Highway of Life

I'm packin' my bag and hittin' the road
You told me to leave, so I'll have to go
I'm headin' out, I'm movin' down
the highway of life, that ol' highway of life

I'm travelin' on, walkin' the line
Beatin' these streets with rhythm and rhyme
I'm holding my dreams, doin' my time
on the highway of life

There's a turn pike ahead
The grey dog's runnin' west
It's been a long lonely stretch
and I've been put to the test

I'm on the run, this old world's spinnin' 'round
Suns comin' up and I'm glory bound
Just like the wind, I'm flyin' again
Down the highway of life, the highway of life
on the highway of life, this ol' highway of life

rusty miller