He Still Loves Her

It all started 'bout a year ago, this brand new pain that began to grow
Sweet and fine and tender too, a special lady through and through
Like night to day she changed her ways and fell out of love with her man she says
It crushed his heart and cut him deep and ripped his soul and made him weep

He still loves her and he always will
Even though it hurts him still
He remembers the goodtimes
And how she made him feel
He still loves her and he always will

Now all these days just melt into time and all his nights are filled with wine
He thinks about her easy smile and that loving spirit all the while

He won't get over her
Even though she's gone
He'll always care for her

Now the world goes by and it's spinning down to the final days
When he'll be glory bound, but all he see's are soft green eyes
And always will till the day he dies


rusty miller
july 26th 1991