I've been runnin' up and down and all around
tryin' to understand the reason why you left me dry
No word of warning no excuse I'd try to find you but it's no use
you didn't even say goodbye

It's time to fly fly fly fly fly
I'm gonna fly fly fly fly fly
It's time to fly fly fly fly fly
Up to the sky, way up high
Bye bye, let's fly

This worlds in chaos can't you see it's spinning way to fast for me
I'm dizzy and I'm sick of all the hate
This prejudice goes round and round It's time to throw it on the ground
and spread your wings and learn to fly away


Tell me now & tell me true all the things you're gonna do
to stop the pain and suffering inside
It's good to talk & let 'em go those feelings from so long ago
get rid of all that weight upon your mind


Now it's alright just take a breath it's OK there's still time left
to soften up your heart & touch the truth
Forgiveness is the key to life grasp it quick & hold it tight
Humility is good for the soul


-rusty miller