Earthly Spirit

Earthly spirit
Movin' on the face of love
Headin' back over the mountains
Reachin' down from up above

Heavenly angels
Take me anywhere you gotta go
Roll my body underneath the clover
Set my head upon a pillow of stone

Let the waves of kindness serenade my tired heart
So I can possibly reach for a brand new avant garde

Sweet gentle breezes
Carry me to my old home
Where the tenderness of real family
Welcomes me with honest soul

Sunshine so softly
Setting on the peaks of God
All the eyes of wonder
Watching with a wink and a nod

Acting like it's nothin', like they've seen it 'bout a million times
The world of man grows colder and everybody's losing their minds

Holding on to something
A lot of people just can't see
Or maybe they just don't care
About the sadness of poverty

Simple understanding
Do unto others please
Where's the holy compassion
For all of this suffering

Reach out and help your brother, help your little sister too
Be kind to children, why ya wanna be so cruel?

Copyright RAMJAMUSIC 2006