Doin' It Right

Hello sunshine how ya been?
I haven't seen you since I can't remember when!
It's been a long time that's for sure
The light of day shining through my door
I've been out on the road night after night
Tearing it up and doin' it right
I've been doin' it right

I got a band and we're singing songs
And sometimes all the people like to sing along
Twistin' and a groovin' and a crossing the line
Gettin' it down and steppin' in time
Everybody's dancing O' it's such a lovely sight
Tearing it up and doin' it right
We've been doin' it right

We've been rockin' and a rollin' and a playin' the blues
Making sweet music while we pay our dues
Meetin' all the greats from George to Hank
And even puttin' money in the Cumberland Bank

Goodbye sunshine see ya soon
In the summer come the month of June
Don't you worry it won't be long
Till we're together singing our favorite song
Just you and me all through the night
Tearing it up and doin' it right
We'll be doin' it right
Doin' It Right......
Doin' It Right...

rusty miller
october 14th