Dancin' The Dance

Dancin' The Dance Of Circumstance
Pretty Girls Don't Cry Rueben On Rye
Waitin' For My Lucky Yellow Bird
It's Monday So Tell Me What's The Word
South Of The Kentucky State Line
Stuck In Tennessee Feelin' Pretty Fine
Even Tho' I'm The Biggest Fool Of The Year
Please Forgive Me Let's Go Have A Root Beer
I Must've Been Out Of My Mind
I Was Just Blue Enough To Be Kind
Something I Dreamed Made Me Wonder
Mississippi Moon What's Your Number
Hangin' On The Cross I'm Gonna Love You
Life Is Large One Heart One Soul Gumby Dew
My Velvet Glove Gets Wet In The Blackberry Rain
Sunday Mystery Tribe Sirens Remind Me Of The Pain
The River Of Fallen Stars Shines From Within
My Spirit Compass Guides Me Till The Very End