Born To Be Blue

I was born to be blue
All the days of my life
I know it's sad but it's true
And there's nothing I can do to change that
No matter how hard I try

Here I am lost inside myself
Just a singing another song
Wondering when I'm gonna get a little help
Hoping that it comes real soon
I don't wanna go wrong

I don't wanna go crazy
No I don't wanna go there
Of all the places I've been to
That's when I get so scared
I don't wanna feel bad
But I was born to be blue

I was born to be blue
It was written in the stars
Always hanging around like the morning dew
How can you fix a broken heart

I don't wanna go over
And I don't wanna go through
All the things that I did
Or all the things that I do
I just wanna feel good
But I was born to be blue

rusty miller