Better Way

Confused in a lifestyle I don't understand
Looking to find a future to plan
Making a living people must do
Looking further and further
To find something new
Don't think it's funny, could be showbiz
To tell of a lifestyle, the way that I live
To tell you of true life in this day and land
And try to sing you these songs
That make me so sad

So listen to the music
But listen to the words
You'll see you're living
For another day
And a better way

Jungle grows bigger, different day to day
Changing the pastimes, we look for a way
Talk to a stranger, ask him the time
He doesn't know, it's not on his mind
He's just walking the streets, making his plans
Looking for action in a brand new land
He had his fun in this town and now he is gone
There'll be another, so remember this song


rusty miller