Back In The Day

by Rusty Miller 11/24/05 Thanksgiving Day

Back in the day it mustíve been some kind of ride
To jump that locomotive through the countryside
Rolliní down the line, the land stretching far and wide
Itís just an echo of a dream from back in the day

Back in the day before the white man took it all away
The buffalo roamed so free across the fields of grain
Red men worshiped the sun and walked upon the sacred earth
They were the keepers of time back in the day
Back in the day, and now itís gone away, gone for good

Ohhhhhhh canít ya see
How the holy spirit cries
at such a legacy...

Back in the day I heard the summer of love was true
When everybody sang about peace and truth
How you could really be moved, the revolution was coming soon
And the chimes of freedom rang back in the day

Back in the day and now itís gone away
Back in the day, back in the day
And now itís gone away
Gone for good...

Copyright RAMJAMUSIC 2005