Artificial Highs

Get up, get high, another day slips by
Wasted time, wasted mind, Is that anyway to live life?
I just can't keep on living artificial highs
And I'm so thirsty since my river ran dry

Friday night on the town
There's something missing and it's getting me down
This is the life so people say, seems like life is getting farther away
I just can't keep on living artificial highs
Some how it's wrong, don't know what it is
But I keep on wondering why?

I thought the artificial highs would lead me out of the night
But the haze just clouded the skies and I could not see the light

Get up, with the sun, time to face what I've been running from
What could it be, it feels so near, I see the skies beginning to clear
It's time to walk away from all those painful lies

And I'm starting to realize how empty my life has really been,
the emptiness has been created by lies,
and only the truth can fill the emptiness,
not the artificial highs.....
My search has brought me to look into the face of truth
The face of Jesus Christ.......

rusty miller & david knokey
april 1983