And I Still Do

Your always on my heart, you live there deep inside
You give me peace of mind and love me all the time
I know you are the one that keeps me safe and sound
And when you hold me close I fall down to the ground

I think of days of old, I saw you standing there
You walked up next to me, your all that I could see
You set my heart on fire and filled that empty space
You showed me who you were, I saw it in your face

I saw you and I in love
You and I in love
You and I in love
And I still do

Day by day I see a different part of you
I know just what you think and I love you through and through
It's you who gets me through and helps me on my way
And that fire in my heart burns brighter everyday


And I Still Do......

rusty miller
october 26th 1984