Again and Again

over and over and over again
that same ol' feelin' comes back again
born to be blue sad again
that's what happens
again and again
up one day and then down again
that's the way the world goes around again
again and again
and again and again
i just can't help it feelin' bad again
is there any hope for this man again
will i get the chance to be happy again
that's a good question that won't be answered again
somebody help me see the light again
take me to the mardi gras again
i need to get a life again
cause i'm buried in my work again
but at least i get a paycheck again
around and around we go again
where it stops nobody knows again
peace and love and happiness again
excuse me i've got to pee again
then i'll try to go to sleep again
again, again
again, again....
i guess it's time
to say goodbye again!