A Chance to Live

It's a long way there, but you make it in the end
Got to keep on trying and you never give in
Only when the time is right, when your with your friends
Make it worth your while and remember where you've been

So you keep on living in a peaceful way
Make the time go slowly as you start to age
There's a light that shines and it's here to stay
It's the reason for living each and every day

You've got to know who you are
Or you won't travel to far
You've got a chance to live
So reach for the highest star

Now the time will pass so you look both ways
And the singers still singing and the song still plays
There's a reason why he continues the song
Cause he wants to do what's good so he'll never go wrong

Know who you are
Reach for a star
And be free....


A Chance to Live

Rusty Miller
January 1981