1999 is Through!

Hello lover is it true? 1999 is through!
The time has come and now it's gone
Everyone is moving on
Into the golden heaven's
Where the music plays on high
A sweet old fashioned tender lullaby

Hey big brother I see you, 1999 is through!
Have you been sleeping? Where have you been?
Hungry children, angry men
Where's the gentle kindness and the common decency?
For the precious life that was given to us free

Now the sun is sinking down, leaves are falling all around
I slept another day away, worked all night for little pay
It's getting darker and I keep wondering
How much longer I'll be here!
This I know, of death I have no fear

Goodbye my friend I'll see you soon, 1999 is through!
Maybe next year singin' tunes, songs of peace up on the moon
Echoing throughout the universe the sound of love
Resonating light from the stars above

'O Great Spirit I feel blue, 1999 is through!

-rusty miller